Our stories and performances reveal us in ways words might not be able to. India is going though what is probably the largest demographic shift in the history of humanity. Millions move from villages to cities carrying within their selves, their mythologies, histories and ways of looking. An increase in earning and wealth has created new confidences in peoples once poor, repressed or unsure. Particularities long suppressed due to poverty, foreign rule or suffering have begun to flow again. Identities, religious and cultural, once overwhelmed and displaced are being freed and what cannot be written or spoken about is expressed through various forms of storytelling. As the saying goes, “History flows in our blood and is not written in our books”. For many in once “remote” areas of India, regional talent shows and the Internet have become stages for the sharing of performance and stories. These are photographs of a semi rural troupe of performers at a “talent show” in a small Indian city, the Bir Khalsa group.

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